Year in Review 2020-21

The PHN program is evolving, as is WA Primary Heath Alliance’s role as the operator of WA’s three PHNs. This maturity has been evident in our impact, innovation and progress in driving integration across WA’s health system this year. Read about our achievements and the work being done with our partners and the community to deliver better health, together.

Year In Review Highlights Year At A Glance Empower people and communities Promote and prioritise an integrated health system Commission services in a planned and targeted way Continuously improve primary health care practice COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Our Culture Financial Snapshot

Year In Review Highlights

Impact, innovation and integration

A message from our Chair and CEO

Strengthening and connecting WA's health system

Our take on the highlights of 2020-21

Year At A Glance


Contacts with our Practice Assist service – website visits, enquiries and support requests, a 29.8% year on year increase


People accessed one of our primary mental health services, an 11.2% year on year increase


Of clients who provided feedback felt respected by our funded services’ staff*

(Mental health, alcohol and other drugs, chronic conditions services)


Programs funded to improve the health and wellbeing of Western Australians


COVID-19 general practice resources produced including GP bulletins, factsheets, webinars and clinical HealthPathways


General practices partnered with us to better understand patient data to improve health outcomes, a 13.6% year on year increase


Localised HealthPathways reached, up from 574, and 390,844 page views of this online clinical support tool for GPs

$6.1 million

Funding targeting GPs including individual support, digital integration and enhanced practice support programs


Aboriginal organisations engaged to provide $17 million of goods and services


My Health Record uploads of Shared Health Summaries and Dispense Records in June 2021, a 40% increase on June 2020


Year on year Increase in social media interactions, and 21% audience growth


Services delivered to Aboriginal people with complex chronic conditions through our Integrated Team Care program



*Source: Outcomes Evaluation data, specifically the Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMS), for the period Jan-Jun 2021

Achievements Against Our Strategic Priorities


Empower people and communities

Engaging and advocating for people and communities across WA to help them be active participants in their own health and wellbeing.

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Promote and prioritise an integrated health system

We will scale up initiatives that focus on better connecting the primary health care system.

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Commission services in a planned and targeted way

We are committed to continuously improving our commissioned services to ensure they deliver the greatest impact.

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Continuously improve primary health care practice

Advocating for quality and value-based primary health care that continually adapts to meet the health care needs of Western Australians.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

This year, WA Primary Health Alliance played a key role in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, leading the primary health care response in WA.

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Creating meaningful employee experiences, encouraging continuous learning, and nurturing and developing leadership skills.

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Financial Snapshot

Find out how our funding has been allocated over the past year.

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