Our Culture

Creating meaningful employee experiences, encouraging continuous learning, and nurturing and developing leadership skills.

A clear agenda for our people

WA Primary Health Alliance’s inaugural People strategy was defined in March 2021, demonstrating a commitment to our workforce. It outlines how we will create a meaningful employee experience where continuous learning is encouraged, and key talent and leadership is nurtured and developed.

The Strategy is evolving and sets an agenda and work program that builds on and improves our experience at work, focuses on the development of new and emerging skills and capabilities, and positions us to be an employer of choice.

Developing a robust, consistent, and meaningful performance management framework will support our performance focused culture and ensure our people have clear expectations and accountability.

We are upskilling our leaders to have essential conversations with their people to address and identify these performance expectations and allow us to identify and drive high performance.

This will also allow us to identify top talent and create fit for purpose career pathways.

We are in the cultural transformation phase of the Strategy, assessing our commitment to employee engagement and identifying the need for change management across the organisation.

Reimagining the way we work

The need and appetite for managing change was evident in vigorous internal discussions as we finalised our new hybrid operating model, allowing us to be flexible, innovative and agile in the way we work.

We believe our work in this area has been exemplary as rather than reverting to business-as-usual following lockdowns early in the COVID-19 pandemic, we instead used this as an opportunity to reimagine the way we work and collaborate with each other and our external stakeholders.

The result is a truly hybrid way of working and access to custom designed premises that allow us to respond quickly and with the minimum of disruption to environmental changes.

The new office design was informed by staff consultation and includes increased generous numbers of workstations, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Working in this way allows everyone to participate on a more equitable basis, as the hybrid model allows us to use technology to better enable the timely roll out of important communication and topics of significance.

This change has levelled the playing field allowing our country-based staff and stakeholders to participate on an equal footing to their metropolitan-based counterparts.

Year in Review 2020-21

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