We recognise that general practice is the cornerstone of primary health care. Clinicians have a major influence over patient care, from making the diagnosis to determining the pathway of care.

Clinicians working in local communities have considerable experience which gives them a wealth of knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the system.It is with this knowledge that we involve clinicians from the outset when formulating plans, procuring services and implementing activities which are practical, sensible and workable.

Our clinical engagement goals are to:

  • ensure quality is maintained in all areas of service delivery and planning whilst delivering economies of scale
  • involve clinicians in the procurement process and teach new clinicians the skills to take part and value such activities
  • provide and evaluate quality and reliable data and make recommendations which will benefit the patient and the community
  • measure for improvement, not judgement
  • communicate effectively and regularly with the clinical community
  • have clinicians see working in collaboration with us as necessary, valuable and worthwhile.