Service provider support

We partner with local groups, providers, GPs and other health professionals to deliver better health, together.

Offering support in your region.

Our aim is to build the capacity of service providers to help keep people well in their community and enable access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

To do this, we offer a range of support and added value to our partnered service providers across WA and the broad range of stakeholders in primary care.

For our partnered service providers, our Regional Managers and Regional Coordinators located around the state are usually the first point of contact.

Our contract relationship team then provides ongoing support, seeing the reporting and monitoring requirements they carry out as only part of their role. They aim to develop a much broader relationship.

WA Primary Health Alliance takes a strategic approach to its investment in community-based treatment and support services that seeks to ensure services meet the health needs of the population and contribute towards service and system improvement and innovation. Find out more about our commissioning approach.

Addressing inequitable access and investigating in leading local care, we shape, strengthen and sustain a health system that is fit for the future.

Health Planning Commissioning Papers and Reports

Better Health, Together program – a team approach

WA Primary Health Alliance is working to shape, strengthen and sustain a health system that works for people, through innovative and meaningful partnerships at the local and state level.

We work closely with the health and social sectors, government and community to develop solutions to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and coordination of healthcare.

We aim to improve access to primary healthcare services for those at risk of poor health outcomes, to keep more people well and out of hospital and ensure they receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

We look forward to working with you to improve our primary healthcare system across Western Australia and deliver better health, together.

Our priorities

Our seven health priority areas, as guided by the Australian Government, are;

Awarded Contracts

View a complete list of contracts awarded with a total contract value over $100,000 by WA Primary Health Alliance. 

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