Administered by WA Primary Health Alliance, the free-to-access, password-protected HealthPathways WA website contains localised clinical pathways, which provide clear and concise guidance for assessing, managing and referring patients across Western Australia.

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HealthPathways WA

HealthPathways WA helps clinicians easily navigate their patients through the complex primary, community and acute health care systems.

The aim of the program is to support the patient to access the right care, at the right time, in the right location.

All localised pathways include local health service information, providing GPs with local referral options. This enables a seamless, effective and complete patient journey by combining clinical and health service information in one place.

More than 650 HealthPathways have been localised for WA, with an average of 12,000 users accessing the site each month. HealthPathways WA is designed to be used at the point of care, primarily by GPs but is also available to hospital specialists, nurses, and other health professionals.

Our HealthPathways WA team also works collaboratively with other HealthPathways teams in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, to share knowledge, processes and up to date information.

In partnership with GPs and their practice teams, and health professionals across many disciplines, we are delivering better health, together.

To access the HealthPathways WA site:

  1. Request log on details by using the login request form
  2. Log on to the HealthPathways website

Who contributes to HealthPathways WA?

WA HealthPathways are developed in collaboration with local GPs, hospital specialists, allied health providers, and other key stakeholders.

WA Primary Health Alliance administers the site, with pathway development being governed together with the WA Department of Health.

Working groups, consisting of specialists, GPs and key stakeholders, are established to identify issues affecting patient care for a particular health issue. The working group assists in proposing solutions to identified issues, and whilst they do not write or sign off on pathways, they review and provide feedback for consideration.

Benefits for health professionals

HealthPathways is succinct and easy to use. It serves to accelerate evidence into practice to ensure better, safer care and to streamline referral processes. Health professionals will simply, log on to the website and search for the patient’s presentation to access assessment and management guidelines.

Benefits for patients

Patients benefit from receiving the right treatment in the right place at the right time, as well as timely referral for specialist care when required. HealthPathways offers GPs quick access to educational patient information resources, which will enable patients to better understand and manage their own health.

Developing and reviewing pathways

The process of developing new pathways and reviewing existing pathways is a team effort, multi-step process which can be complex, often with numerous stakeholders engaged. The result is a suite of comprehensive, clinically accurate and governed pathways, structured in a way that is most useful to general practice clinicians, in all regions of WA.

Newly localised pathways are added to the review schedule from the date of first publication. A dedicated team of GP Clinical Editors and Coordinators at WAPHA ensure any critical pathway updates required outside of the review schedule are actioned promptly to minimise risk from a clinical and content currency perspective.

Progress reports

If you would like to learn more about HealthPathways WA or if you are interested in a demonstration for you or your practice, please contact us via email


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