COVID-19 and Long COVID – the emerging picture: Better Health, Together Forum

Better Health, Together Primary Healthcare Round Table Online Forum May 2022

Following his extremely well-received presentation in November 2021, the Better Health, Together forum again welcomes esteemed Professor Jeremy Nicholson as keynote speaker for our May Forum. 

This time, Professor Nicholson will share his insights, and facilitate discussion, on: 

  • COVID-19 as a systemic disease – what you can’t see can still hurt you!
  • COVID-19, relationships with diabetes, and long-term cardiovascular risks… it works both ways.
  • Children, COVID-19 and Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome.
  • Omicron, BA2 and other variants and possible roles in Long COVID.

Professor Jeremy Nicholson is the Emeritus Professor of Biological Chemistry at Imperial College London (2018-2025) and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at Murdoch University (October 2018-onwards). He is also Director of the Australian National Phenome Center which opened officially in October 2019.

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May 6
09:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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