Aboriginal Cultural Competency and Capability Framework

Our Aboriginal Cultural Competency and Capability Framework has been developed to support us on our journey to meet the social, cultural and linguistic needs of the Aboriginal communities that we serve.

Cultural competency is everyone’s business

Improving cultural competency is an ongoing journey of listening to and learning from community on how to better engage and commission safe services.

We strive to address inequity through commitment to Closing the Gap targets and the Quintuple Aim for Health Care Improvement and recognise that the most effective services are those that people feel safe to use.

The Aboriginal Cultural Competency and Capability Framework provides a set of key principles for developing cultural competency, and standards with agreed actions to guide the design, development, delivery and evaluation of cultural competency for our staff, commissioned service providers and primary care services.

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This Framework is the result of consultation with Aboriginal people, peak agencies and service providers on how our staff and commissioned primary health care services can become more culturally competent in providing for the diverse needs of Aboriginal people.

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Welcome to the Aboriginal Toolkit.

This toolkit has been compiled based on advice from Aboriginal stakeholders and is to be used as guidance only.

It is at the discretion of users of the Toolkit to determine the suitability and currency of this Toolkit to meeting their needs.

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Please note, this toolkit is reviewed and updated regularly.
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