Culture Wheel

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Culture Wheel
Reward & recognition Communication Performance Purpose Atmosphere Team Approach Org Structure

Reward & recognition

  • Pay parity
  • Recognise performance and behaviours aligned to values

Ongoing work in this area

  • Mercer remuneration review
  • Reviewal of Enterprise Agreement
  • New recognition program


  • Linkage between external and internal communications
  • Use of jargon-free language
  • Consistent messaging
  • Deliberate channels of communication

Ongoing work in this area

  • Increased awareness of change management methodology and applications of principles within projects
  • Systematic internal communications approach
  • Weekly waffle videos and staff updates
  • Regular Wallace chat updates for social connectivity


  • Accountability
  • Actively managing performance
  • Managing and developing talent
  • Ongoing review of systems and processes

Ongoing work in this area

  • Application of Performance management framework
  • Defined leadership signature behaviours
  • Capability development framework
  • Talent review
  • Essential Conversations Training for management
  • Introduction of new enterprise resource planning


  • Value adding
  • Organisational vision
  • Organisational values
  • Strategic direction
  • Decision making
  • Accountability

Ongoing work in this area

  • Business plan
  • Strategic plan
  • Role design
  • Clear accountabilities and expectations


  • Transparency
  • Behaviours
  • Equity
  • Professionalism

Ongoing work in this area

  • Bi-annual All Staff Meeting
  • Meeting of Senior Leaders at least four times each year with key messages cascaded
  • Video Executive Planning Sessions to communicate outcomes to staff
  • Creation of an employee value proposition
  • Bespoke approach to employee engagement – Hearts & Minds
  • Fit for purpose office spaces
  • Hybrid Model enabling tools
  • Health & Wellbeing Subsidy

Team Approach

  • Leadership
  • Clarity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Share success across portfolios

Ongoing work in this area

  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Commitment to cultural competency
  • New approach to talent review and approach
  • Hybrid working model and associated tools
  • Team Charters
  • Consistent key messaging

Org Structure

  • Hierarchy
  • Feedback
  • Engagement
  • Acknowledge we are adaptive org who needs to flex with an environment

Ongoing work in this area

  • Continue to embed redesign and realignment to new structure
  • Review of PDs
  • Hearts & Minds
  • Onboarding surveys
  • Exit surveys
  • General Manager engaging with other portfolios to raise awareness and knowledge of operations across WAPHA