Medicare Mental Health Centres

A National vision for Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention system

WA Primary Health Alliance led the establishment of a network of Medicare Mental Health Centres (formerly Head to Health services) for WA as part of the Australian Governments National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.

The network of Medicare Mental Health Centres will improve access to, and coordination of, mental health services delivered digitally, via telephone and face-to-face.


Head to Health is an Australian Government initiative that helps people to access the mental health and wellbeing services that are right for them. It comprises the Head to Health digital platform, the Head to Health Phone Service and a network of Medicare Mental Health Centres.

The services make it easier to navigate and choose the most suitable care options, whether that’s face-to-face, via phone or online.

Head to Health also makes it easier for GPs and other health professionals to support the mental health of the people they look after, and those who support them, through improving access to, and coordination of, mental health services in their local community.

Head to Health Digital Platform –

The Head to Health website includes over 750 evidence based digital mental health resources, apps and online programs. This includes dedicated online forums, peer support services, chat and email services.

Head to Health Phone Service – 1800 595 212

This state-wide phone service offers free confidential assessment and referral for anyone seeking help for their mental and emotional wellbeing and/or wanting to support a patient, or someone they care about. The Head to Health Phone Service uses the Initial Assessment and Referral Decision Support Tool (IAR-DST). All Head to Health mental health clinicians are trained in and use the IAR-DST to determine the most appropriate level of care for individuals seeking mental health support.  This is helping to create a common language across the mental health sector about patients’ treatment needs.   If consumers call the phone service number directly, a qualified clinician will use the IAR-DST to guide them to suitable treatment options to support their level of need.

Training is also available for GPs in the use of this tool. Designed to complement the GP or clinician’s clinical judgement, IAR-DST is best used as part of a comprehensive mental health assessment.

One referral is all the GP needs to make as, once the patient is accepted into the system, they are connected to the most appropriate services and supports.

GPs and other health professionals can find more information by visiting

Medicare Mental Health Centres 

Medicare Mental Health Centres (formerly Head to Health services) offer a walk-in service providing advice, support and, if needed, assessment and treatment for people 18 years and over experiencing emotional and psychological distress. Services include support for family, carers and friends.

The centres offer immediate, short-term and medium-term care, and help connect people to ongoing services, when required.

There are currently centres in Midland, Gosnells, Mirrabooka, Armadale and Northam.

Head to Health evolving to become Medicare Mental Health Centres 

Head to Health sites are evolving to provide access to even more mental health services for the community, as they transition to become Medicare Mental Health Centres by the end of 2024.

When the transition to Medicare Mental Health Centres takes place, the centres will be able to provide access to care for people with more complex mental health needs than they do currently.

The Australian Government is providing more funding to ensure people who need it can receive the care they need from a range of mental health professionals, including psychologists and psychiatrists.


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