Great Southern Compassionate Communities

We are focusing on improving end-of-life care and support, as we work with partners to develop a health system that ensures people of all ages can access excellent care closer to home. 

To empower people to live and die well, there are important inequities that must be addressed. In WA’s metropolitan area, about 70 per cent of people are able to die at home, according to palliative care services, yet in country towns it is around only 12 per cent

WA Primary Health Alliance is helping to deliver the Compassionate Communities program in WA. In a whole-of-community approach, the program is increasing the awareness of end-of-life care and empowering people to live and die well at home where possible. 

The project, which is being delivered in partnership with the City of Albany, is one of 11 being delivered nationally through funding provided by the Australian Government.

As part of the project, there is a focus on shifting community culture and improving end-of-life care and support. Communities in the Great Southern region are being encouraged through the project to talk about dying, death and loss.

In our efforts to shift community attitudes of improving end-of-life care and support, we are encouraging the community to think and talk about things such as: 

  • Accepting that death, dying and loss is normal/natural
  • Thinking through future treatment and care needs
  • Making an Advance Care Plan to help family, friends, carers and health professionals understand how you would like to be cared for now and in the future
  • What practical support might be needed to enable terminally ill people to die at home, and how to support family, friends and carers through periods of caring and eventual death
  • Encouraging broader and shared community support during periods of caring and grief.

To find out more about our Compassionate Communities project, hear the latest news and access an extensive range of helpful resources please visit our Primary Health Exchange project page.

You can also call our Compassionate Communities Capacity Builder, Lisa Forward on 0418 127 741. 


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