Perth North PHN

We support primary health providers – GPs, allied health professionals and other community services – to provide coordinated, efficient and effective medical services to patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes.

We will achieve this by working with general practitioners, other primary health care providers, area metropolitan health services and hospitals to ensure improved outcomes for patients so they receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Where we service?

We cover north and north eastern areas of the Perth metropolitan area, from Perth City up to Joondalup and East through the Midland/Swan region.PerthNorthBreakout


Population: 1,060,011 (ERP 2014)
Geographical land area: 2975 KM2

Age Range (2013 1)

  • 0-4: 67,669
  • 5-24: 271,358
  • 25-64: 570,393
  • 65+: 127,373

Public hospitals within our PHN

Perth North PHN Team

Our team of Primary Health Liaisons and Regional Coordinators support general practice and other service providers to identify areas to improve health outcomes for patients.  This may be through better coordination of services or by commissioning new services to address service gaps or unmet needs.

Perth North PHN Contacts

General Manager – Place-based Commissioning and Engagement Linda Richardson
Executive Support Officer Elyce Mirco
Metro PHN Manager Tony Fotios
PHN Coordination Officer Bekky Wood
North East Region
Regional Manager Heather Waite
Regional Coordinator Brooke Jones
Regional Coordinator Tarn Wiley
Primary Health Liaison Karen Hope
Primary Health Liaison Sonia Daniels
North West Region
Regional Manager Sue Lee
Regional Coordinator Debra Royle
Primary Health Liaison Kerryn Brims
Primary Health Liaison Cheryl Bell
Primary Health Liaison Samantha Costantino