WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) is the single point where primary health and social care comes together at the State and local level. WAPHA is contracted to operate the Commonwealth Government’s three Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in Perth North, Perth South and Country WA.

The PHNs role is outcome based and it is to work at a system level to:

Design health care models through co-design/co-production via community engagement and clinical leadership;
Shape the structure, as well as the components of supply, with an emphasis on:
Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of primary care services for people, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes; and
improving the coordination of care to ensure people receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.
WAPHA’s Clinical Commissioning Committees and Community Engagement Committees play an integral role in ensuring that the right services are commissioned with the outcomes that matter, and that those services are delivered to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

PHN Council

The PHN Council is the PHN’s principal strategic advisory body. The PHN Council provides advice in two directions, one to the PHN operating team (through the PHN General Manger) and secondly to the WAPHA Board.

Each PHN has a PHN Council, chaired by a WAPHA Board member.

The members of our PHN Councils are:

Terms of Reference;

Clinical Commissioning Committees and Regional Clinical Commissioning Committees

The purpose of the Clinical Commissioning Committee’s (CCC) is to recommend the commissioning priorities and options for alignment, development and investment in primary health care for the relevant PHN region, and ensure these are in line with WAPHA, State and Commonwealth health reform priorities.

Each PHN has a CCC which is led by a General Practitioner and provides a direct link between clinicians and the PHN’s Council.

In the Country WA PHN, the Country WA CCC works at a State wide level and has ultimate oversight on primary health care needs at a whole of Country WA perspective. While the Regional Clinical Commissioning Committees (RCCCs) work at a regional level. The RCCCs are structured and function in the same way as the CCCs and focus specifically on their regional area’s primary health care needs. There are seven RCCCs reporting to the Country WA CCC, in each of the following regions: Goldfields, Great Southern, Kimberley, Midwest, Pilbara, South West and Wheatbelt.

The members of our committees are:

Terms of Reference;

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Committees (CECs) and Community Working Groups (CWGs) provide advice, guidance and recommendations about the primary health care needs in their community, ensuring local knowledge remains at the heart of the commissioning process.

The CECs and CWGs provide a community and consumer voice to inform WAPHA’s decision making and activities, ensuring health outcomes that matter to the community are identified.

Perth North and Perth South PHNs each have a Community Engagement Committee (CEC).

Country WA PHN has Community Working Groups in each of the regions, which are formed on an as needs basis. These groups involve community, carer and consumer representatives. In addition, our Country WA teams continue to work collaboratively with existing groups and networks including the District Health Advisory Councils and the Aboriginal Health Regional Planning Forums.

The members of our committees are:

Terms of Reference;