We recognise the important role GPs play in primary health care. We have identified GPs as playing an integral role in integrating health services and improving the patient journey.

GPs are embedded in our business model with representation on the WAPHA Board, PHN Councils, the Clinical Commissioning Councils  and the Regional Clinical Commissioning Councils.

Built in to our operating model are multiple forms of clinical engagement to support GPs and assist us in helping driving change in primary and social care through:

  1. formal engagement through site visits, forums, group workshops and other consultations to support integrated care
  2. clinical governance and advisory committees to oversee and help direct our work
  3. engagement with clinical leaders to address emerging issues and trends.

In addition, we work with GPs, clinicians and allied health professionals as part of the commissioning approach to lead the discussion around population health needs and inform the decision making process for potential services required on a local level.

We will also hold open forums specifically for GPs to enable broader discussion and airing of concerns specifically facing GPs.