Medication Management

Our role is to work with our partners to develop a health system that ensures people can access excellent care closer to home.

Our Medication Management eLearning is facilitating the professional development of unregulated health workers, in residential aged care facilities and in the community, in the supervision and assistance with medication administration.

“I found the package helpful to reinforce my medication administration skills and establish my scope of practice clearly as an unregulated health care worker. It was simple and easy to navigate, and I enjoyed the interactive style of learning, great course!”

– Rebecca Hadley, Lodge Supervisor, Leeuwin Lodge

Information about the module

  • The module addresses the provision of physical assistance with medication or supporting people with self-administration in response to a need identified and assessed by a registered nurse.
  • Information contained within this product is in accordance with the current acceptable National Quality and Health Service Standards and the Aged Care Accreditation Standards.
  • On successful completion of the online module you are required to print out the Practical Assessment package and schedule a practical assessment with your Line Manager/Registered Nurse.
  • For more information about learning objectives, please click here.

How to access and complete the module

Below are the options available to complete the Medication Management eLearning. Control click on one of the three options and the drop down box will appear and then click which suits your learning requirements.

Option 1 – Web version (Hosted on eLearning Australia server)
  • Access the learning modules here
  • Does not track learner progress or completions
  • No IT knowledge needed
Option 2 – Learning Management System
  • The most current version of this online package is available to non-government organisations on application via email to:  for NGOs have their own Learning Management System
  • Tracks the learner’s progress and completions (country only)
  • Basic IT knowledge needed and suitable if NGOs have their own learning management system
Option 3 -Web version (Hosted on the NGO’s server)
  • Organisation is required to download the ZIP files (Please note the size of the ZIP file is 168MB) and upload them to their own server for participants to complete. To download the ZIP files click here
  • Does not track learner progress or completions
  • Basic IT knowledge needed

Help and support

If you are experiencing any difficulties with accessing the above materials and information or have any queries, please contact:


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