Data hosting

17 June 2021

Primary Health Insights, the health data storage and analytics platform initiated and built by PHNs, is now operational.

The roll out of the data onboarding process and governance audits has been completed and most of the 27 participating PHNs are now storing de-identified patient data, sourced from general practices, in their secure lockboxes.

Lead by WAPHA, his has been the largest and most complex national project undertaken by PHNs, and the first at this scale by PHNs operating as a collective.

Ultimately, Primary Health Insights will allow PHNs to analyse the de-identified data collected and provide new insights to general practices.  This will enable practices to deliver better patient care and lead to improved health outcomes by supporting data driven continuous improvement.

Primary Health Insights is a highly secure environment that has passed independent cybersecurity tests against industry and government benchmarks. It has also undergone, and will continue to undergo, stringent privacy impact assessments, as part of the operational processes and governance framework of the platform.

Built using Microsoft Azure cloud technology, each participating PHN has its own independent, secure “lock-box” for the hosting of their data, with complete control over its access and use.

Alongside the transition from project to operational mode, WA Primary Health Alliance is now focussed on the development of the platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities.

Historical data

In late August 2020, the project transitioned from a platform development phase to a pilot phase. WA Primary Health Alliance established its own secure “lock-box” on the Primary Health Insights platform, tested the platform’s capability and migrated its own data into this environment. This included data that was routinely collected from WA general practices and previously stored by Curtin University on behalf of the WA Primary Health Alliance. This data has been erased from the University’s servers to the full extent that is technically practicable.


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