Data hosting

17 September 2020

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) is leading the development of a national data storage and analytic capability for all Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to be known as Primary Health Insights. The project is entering a new and exciting phase.

The project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

WAPHA agreed to be the lead PHN for this initiative in April 2019. Since then, WAPHA has been working closely with other PHNs nationwide to design and build a secure storage platform for PHN data and to develop rigorous standards for data governance to accompany implementation of the platform. Participation by PHNs is voluntary, but the overwhelming majority are expected to sign on.

The platform is being built using Microsoft Azure public cloud technology, with each participating PHN having its own secure “lock-box” for the hosting of their own data, with complete control over access to and use of the data. Security and PHN data sovereignty are paramount considerations when designing the platform.

In late August, the project transitioned from a platform development phase to a pilot phase. During the pilot WAPHA will establish its own secure “lock-box” on the Primary Health Insights platform to test the platform’s capability and will initiate the migration and hosting of their own data into this environment. This includes the data routinely collected from general practices currently stored by Curtin University on behalf of the WAPHA. WA general practice data collected and stored at Curtin University will be erased or destroyed to the extent technically practicable upon written request from WAPHA at the conclusion of the platform migration.

Following the pilot and its evaluation, roll out of the platform to other PHNs is scheduled to commence in late October 2020.