Ageism Online Learning Module

Welcome to the WA Country Health Service and WA Primary Health Alliance Ageism module. This module has been developed by funding from the Australian Government Primary Health Network (PHN) Program and focuses on Early intervention activities to healthy ageing.

This module addresses the issue of ageism towards older people; the negative attitudes towards getting older and towards older people; the different categories of ageism and it explores how we carry our personal beliefs, experience and perceptions about ageing and how people can be better supported to age healthily in place.

Ageism: Know it, name it

Ageism: elearning module

This learning resource has been produced to facilitate :

  • Awareness of ageism
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Addresses prevention
  • Promote positive change in how we think about ageing to support better outcomes for Older people
  • What it means to be an older version of ourselves

Ageism and stereotypical views of older people can lead to prejudiced attitudes, devaluing older people and social exclusion.

Questions about this resource can be directed to the WACHS learning and Development team by email to or

Feedback can be provided via the evaluation link at the end of this product.

This program is appropriate for all levels of staff working across the continuum of care in health and for any community members.

This module will help you identify, understand and challenge ageist beliefs and behaviours as they occur in your home, workplace or community.

On completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Define ageism
  • Identify early ageist beliefs and behaviours
  • Identify common stereotypes about ageing and  people
  • Understand how ageism impacts on the health and wellbeing of people
  • Identify ways in which ageism can be challenged and positive healthy ageing promoted
  • Commit to taking action in personal, family and work life to promote a more positive healthy culture towards ageing

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WA County Health Service: 

Lesley Pearson,

This project is a collaborative approach between WA Country Health Service and WA Primary Health Alliance.


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