Curing Hepatitis C in Primary Care

Treatment with direct acting antivirals is easier than ever.
Increasing HCV treatment in primary care is crucial to achieving HCV
elimination in Australia by 2030

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This course aims to provide general practitioners, nurse practitioners and other prescribing practitioners
in WA with the skills and confidence to diagnose, assess, manage and treat HCV in primary care.
This training program includes an online learning module and a live webinar. The interactive session
provides an opportunity to discuss and practice strategies with peers and specialists through facilitated
case studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Screen, implement and interpret tests appropriately to diagnose chronic HCV
  • Explain pre-treatment assessment of HCV patients, including assessment of liver fibrosis
  • Summarise the goals for HCV therapy and be able to choose the appropriate antiviral therapy for your
  • Identify appropriate management strategies in special populations
  • Outline appropriate treatment monitoring and post-treatment follow-up including long term care of
    liver disease after HCV cure
  • Discuss strategies to minimise transmission risk and improve liver health 

Event Details

May 13 - May 13
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Health Professionals

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