NPS MedicineWise update- Anxiety, rethinking the options

Anxiety is the most common mental health problem reported in Australia. Registrars are invited to join this event by video link for a discussion of the evidence-based approaches to managing patients with Anxiety.

This program considers recommendations for assessment of anxiety disorders and evidence-based approaches to management.

Both psychological and pharmacological treatment options will be discussed. Information and resources covered as part of this educational visit include

  • An independent roundup of the latest guideline updates and evidence relating to diagnosis and management of anxiety.
  • Discussion of psychological treatment options, including recent evidence for eCBT programs.
  • Receive clarification on when to initiate and how to optimise medicines when managing anxiety.
  • Resources that will help you discuss with patients a range of treatment strategies for anxiety.

OnlineĀ  participants must register to receive online login details.

Accreditation: 2 Cat 2 RACGP QI & CPD points, 1 core ACRRM point

Event Details

August 6
07:30 AM - 08:30 AM
General Practice

Organizer Details

WA Primary Health Alliance

Contact Nicole Humphry on 08 9272 4921 or email