Our Members

WA Primary Health Alliance looks system-wide at gaps and identify ways to improve important primary care services and encourage innovation in the delivery of care.

We work in partnership with others to strengthen primary health care in Western Australia. We work closely with nine key member organisations, each with significant operations in WA and similar interests in ensuring the healthcare system is fit for the future.

Our nine members are:

Memoranda of Understanding with WA Mental Health Commission, WA Department of Health and the Aboriginal Health Council of WA allow us to work collaboratively to plan and commission healthcare services.

We also have strong relationships with the AMA (WA), WA General Practice Education and Training (WAGPET), Health Service Providers, Rural Health West and many others.


WA Primary Health Alliance is directed and guided by communities, clinicians and consumers.

Our governance structure ensures advice from communities, clinicians and consumers directs Board decisions on prioritising, linking and funding primary care services.

Perth North and Perth South PHNs have clinical and community advisory councils that meet four times per year.

Country WA PHN has seven regional clinical committees that meet six times per year. A country community advisory structure is being developed to capture community views from country areas.

These councils and committees report through to the Strategic Engagement Advisory Committee, a Board sub-committee, and the Strategic Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Advisory Group.

These groups consist of clinicians, community members and consumers, as well as medical administrators and hospital executives. Together they provide operational guidance and advise our Board on setting strategic priorities. They also assist us in progressing our health priorities.



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