A Clinician’s Guide to Low Intensity
Psychological Interventions (LIPIs)
for Anxiety and Depression

Low Intensity Psychological Interventions (LIPIs) can help to optimise a service’s ability to match treatments to clients’ needs, thereby efficiently and effectively providing the right care at the right time to the largest number of people.

WA Primary Health Alliance has developed this manual in partnership with Curtin University and The Centre for Clinical Interventions to provide clinicians with evidence-based information to implement Low Intensity Psychological Interventions (LIPIs) for adults with anxiety and depression.

In conjunction with appropriate supervision, the LIPI manual should provide clinicians with a range of skills needed to plan and implement LIPIs from a cognitive behavioural framework.

Clinician Support

For assistance with developing a LIPI for your service contact Senior Clinical Psychologist and Research Director, Centre for Clinical Interventions, and Curtin University, Professor Peter McEvoy peter.mcevoy@curtin.edu.au


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