Chronic Heart Failure Pilot Project

CLOSED: Request for Proposal – Evaluation and Data Linkage Methodology for the Chronic Heart Failure Pilot Project

About this Opportunity:

WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has a requirement for an evaluation of the Chronic Heart Failure Pilot Project. As part of this, WAPHA is seeking a provider to develop and implement an evaluation of the project, design and implement a methodology for data linkage across the primary care and hospital systems in WA.

Background Information:

WAPHA, as part of the Federal Government’s Community Health & Hospitals Program, is undertaking a Chronic Heart Failure Pilot Project. This activity will support general practice in leading and coordinating the provision of multidisciplinary care, with appropriate support, consistent with the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions, and the National Heart Foundation of Australia’s evidence-based principles and recommendations for best practice for CHF management.

The project will pilot a general practice-led, patient-centered multidisciplinary model of care in the City of Armadale and the Midwest region, that focuses on:

  • Building capacity in general practice,
  • Using quality improvement cycles to optimise general practice processes,
  • Empowering and educating CHF patients and their carers,
  • Developing the role of practice nurses in CHF management,
  • Collaborating with pharmacists,
  • Strengthening collaboration between primary and tertiary care.

This requirement consists of:

  1. Phase 1: Methodology design
    a. Design an evaluation methodology and evaluation implementation plan for WAPHA’s CHF Pilot Project, aligned to the objectives and reporting requirements; and
    b. Develop a methodology and implementation plan for a data linkage program using CHF as a proof of concept, utilising various data sets, technology and tools held by WAPHA, WA Health Department, other relevant organisations which may include but not limited to General Practice Data, WA Health’s Emergency Department Data Collection and Hospital Morbidity Data Collection.
  2. Phase 2: Implementation
    a. Conduct the evaluation for WAPHA’s CHF Pilot Project, aligned to the objectives and reporting requirements; and
    b. Undertake the approved data linkage and (i) provide a technical brief that can be used to replicate the methodology and (ii) if viable, use the derived dataset to report on additional analyses undertaken in accordance with the primary goals of the evaluation.

Queries and Responses

Please raise all queries via email to and WAPHA will publish responses on this webpage. The opportunity to submit queries will close on close of business 14 July 2023.


Please submit the completed submission form/s, budget, non-conformance schedule and other attachments you wish to submit as part of your application to Tender Closing Date is 21 July 2023 at 2:00PM (AWST). Submission is to be no larger than 20MB.



Request Documents:

  1. Short Form Agreement (read and keep)
  2. Draft Short Form Activity Schedule (read and keep)
  • Part D  – Submission – Consisting of the following attachments:
  1. Submission Form (complete and submit)
  2. Non-Conformance Schedule (complete and submit if required)








Please check the webpage regularly for any updates in the Q&A section.
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Is the Stage Gate Review for 1A Evaluation Methodology or 1B Data Linkage Methodology?

The Stage Gate Review is for 1B only.

Is the engagement delivery on-site or virtual?

While there may be some on-site meetings, virtual engagement delivery is acceptable for both the Evaluation and Data Linkage.

Is the evaluation tool to be deployed repeatedly or at a point in time?

It is intended that the evaluation tool will be required to be used repeatedly during the project.

Will the information that the successful tenderer receives already client de-identified?

Yes. The successful respondent will have no direct access to the patient/client and all information will be de-identified.

Is it acceptable to incorporate the submission form in the tenderer’s response?

Yes, however the tenderer’s response must include the requirements as detailed in the submission form.

Is WAPHA open to partial submissions – i.e. complete Phase 1A and 1B of the scope being mostly consulting services?

WAPHA is seeking an Organisation to deliver the entire scope of work, including parts 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B.

Is a current data sharing agreement in place between WAPHA and WA Health to enable data sharing to support the CHF Program or would one need to be established?

Yes, a data sharing agreement is in place between WAPHA and WA Health

Could WAPHA please confirm they can provide LinXmart access to the successful vendor to enable data linkage with WA Health data in Phase 2B?

WAPHA will provide access to LinXmart encoded data that can be used for linkage for Phase 2B.

Could WAPHA please clarify the purpose and desired content for the evaluation progress reports?

The purpose of the progress reports is a summary of progress to date, any relevant issues/impediments/risks. High level.

Is WAPHA able to give an indication as to the degree of expansion of the Pilot in September 2024?

The pilot will extend to another 6+ practices in September 2024, a minimum of four in the Armadale region, and 2 in the Midwest. In 2023, participation is restricted to Geraldton, and in 2024, all of the Midwest region are able to submit an EOI.


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