Online Stakeholder Panel

Help make the health system fit for the future

Our Online Stakeholder Panel brings together diverse voluntary panel members from across communities in WA. Each provides their view on health needs, helping us set priorities and develop more effective models of care for those isolated and most in need.

Register for our panel here

What is it?

A panel of hundreds of Western Australians located around the state who care strongly about the health needs of their community. They have registered to provide regular input and insights on innovative changes proposed by WA Primary Health Alliance aimed at addressing inequity. The panel includes community members, consumers, families, carers, health professionals and service providers who take part in surveys, polls and consultation sessions. 

What does it do? 

Enables us to quickly collect diverse views from around the state, with each panel member sharing their insights on where they are and what they have experienced. We rely on the panel to get input on proposals ranging from more inclusive bathroom signs, to aged care and chronic disease needs, to the factors impacting on the usage of new digital technologies among remote area GPs.  

How do I get involved?    

To join the panel, visit Primary Health Exchange, register an account and select ‘Yes’ to the question ‘I want to join the WA Primary Health Alliance Online Stakeholder Panel’. Register here


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