28 May 2015

PHNs are obliged to work with existing service providers for the next 12 months to ensure continuity of services.

However, WAPHA still awaits information from the Commonwealth Government on programs such as:

  • Primary Care for Indigenous Australians formerly OATSIH
  • Closing the Gap
  • Care Coordination & Supplement Services
  • Partners in Recovery

Our primary objective is to ensure continued care for patients and clients, to that end we hope information from the Commonwealth Government is forthcoming very soon so we can address any growing uncertainty amongst services providers across WA.

However, assessing has begun on submissions received from organisations that were previously funded through the Medicare Locals Funds.

We anticipate letters of offers relating to the flexible funding program (previously administered by Medicare Locals) along with a copy of the standard contract will be sent to providers from Friday 5 June onwards.

Similar offers relating to the above programs will also occur once we know the position of the Commonwealth Government.

We understand the lack of information may be causing anxiety for many organisations and we are initiating daily contact with the Commonwealth Government to seek direction and timing on this matter.

Please keep checking back at our website for more information or email us at contracts@wapha.org.au