Health Care Homes team members Gemma Luhrs and Adele Allan

Tell us about your background?

Adele Allan – Health Care Homes project manager

I am a registered nurse with more than 28 years’ experience in various disciplines including medical and surgical hospital nursing, general practice nursing, Aboriginal health, clinical coordination, nurse-led clinics and complex chronic disease management. I have worked in Divisions of General Practice and Medicare Locals and have a personal interest in chronic disease management and patient centred care. I am excited about the future in primary health care with the patient centred approach to complex health needs.

Gemma Luhrs – General Practice facilitator

I have more than seven years’ experience in general practice management, including four years in training and development and three years as support officer in primary health and more recently as a Primary Health Liaison officer with the Perth North Primary Health Network. I have a personal interest in supporting general practices and providing education and support to all disciplines in general practice. I enjoy project management and look forward to continuing to support general practice in the evolving primary health landscape.

How many Perth North PHN practices are taking part in Health Care Homes?

Perth North PHN is one of 10 Health Care Homes Stage 1 implementation sites across the country. We have 21 Health Care Homes practices who commenced in the Health Care Homes program on December 1. The practices range in size from a single GP practice to large general practices, spread across the northern suburbs from as far north as Yanchep to Cottesloe in the south.

What is the role of the Health Care Homes team?

The Health Care Homes model aims to improve care for patients with chronic and complex conditions and involves patients nominating a preferred general practice and GP to coordinate their care and this is backed up by data sharing between service providers through supporting technologies, such as My Health Record

The Health Care Homes team will assist and support the Health Care Homes practices to provide better coordinated and more flexible care for patients with chronic and complex health conditions.

What is the focus of the team with the Health Care Homes practices?

Prior to the Health Care Homes Stage 1 program going live on December 1, the team was focused on the following areas;

  • Introduction of the concept of team based care;
  • System readiness;
  • Data quality;
  • Engagement and information to patients with patient enrolment process;
  • Networking with other PHNs;
  • Engaging all signed General Practices in group meeting to share learnings, discuss concerns and support each other;
  • Supporting the General Practices in completing the HCH assessment tool for building capacity and capabilities and for evaluation purposes; and
  • Education and support in bundle payments and MBS enquiries with assistance from Commonwealth advisory group.

For more information about Health Care Homes visit the Health Care Homes webpage.