Prevention of FASD

Having conversations about alcohol and other drug use can be challenging for health professionals, particularly with Aboriginal people. This animated video (2:39min) was developed as a resource for the TADPole small group education session, delivered to general practitioners (GPs) and other practice staff, called Prevention of FASD, including parent-child attachment from an Aboriginal culturally appropriate framework.

As there are interconnected and often complex factors that impact the health of Aboriginal people, it is recommended that all health professionals undertake reading or education activities to gain a strong understanding of the context surrounding the health of Aboriginal people.

This video was designed for GPs but may be useful to all health professionals. It explains the importance of providing a respectful and welcoming environment, where people feel comfortable and want to come back to. Using a conversational approach will enable a more effective discussion about alcohol and drug use and development of a realistic plan for change if required.

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