Data extraction and analysis

In order to ensure WA Primary Health Alliance can support projects which have maximum impact on the community, there is a reliance on data sharing to help identify gaps and improvement opportunities and to help plan health services in the region.

In the video below, Principal Advisor and Research Director, Dr Daniel Rock, explores the need and importance of quality primary care data. This video is an abridged version of this full length version.

WA Primary Health Alliance provides free licences for general practices for the CATPlus suite of applications by PenCS in exchange for sharing your de-identified practice data. In addition, we provide training and support so you can use the tools to analyse your data, print patient worklists, identify cohorts of patients with specific conditions, track progress in achieving quality improvement goals, understand new business potential and get alerts for missing information at the point of patient contact.

WA Primary Health Alliance also provides benchmarking reports back to practice and we use the de-identified data as part of our population health planning.

More information on  our data extraction and analysis program can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

CATPlus Training and Support

Introduction to CATPlus – 50 mins

Introduction to Topbar – 43 mins

Data Cleaning – 48 mins

Identifying Patient Eligible for Care Plans – 43 mins

Chronic Diseases and Specific Conditions (Diabetes and Cancer Screening) – 43 mins

Other Useful Links

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Data Mapping