Digital health enablers

Digital health can strengthen preventive health care, improve quality of care, reduce costs both for health organisations and service users and improve health equality.

Digital health is an enabler to connect health information and share it securely to enable safer, better quality healthcare.

If you would like to initiate or expand your digital health capabilities at your practice, we can assist you. Please contact your Primary Health Liaison or email our Digital Health Team via

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My Health Record

Learn about how the My Health Record system can assist you to access timely information about your patients.

Data extraction and analysis

Find out about the benefits of data sharing to help identify gaps and improvement opportunities and to help plan health services in your region.

Secure messaging

Reliable, secure provider-to-provider communication is a key component of digitally enabled integrated and coordinated care across the Australian health sector.

E-medication management

Managing the processes of prescribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring of medicines is an integral part of ensuring good health outcomes for all Australians and ensuring cost effective use of medicines.


Telehealth is used to transmit health information over any distance. 


Find out how you can participate in the Practice Incentive Payment Quality Improvement (PIP QI).

Australian Digital Health Agency

The Australian Digital Health Agency is the government funded organisation tasked with developing and supporting digital health across all areas of health. We work in partnership with the Agency to help progress healthcare in Western Australia into the digital frontier. The Agency is responsible for developing key standardisation frameworks and guidelines such as the National Clinical Terminology Service, the eHealth Reference Platform, security protocols and key service infrastructure that provides a solid national foundation to enable digital health initiatives such as My Health Record to fully flourish.

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