The digital revolution is one of the biggest change agents in the history of health care and will touch every part of the broad range of primary care services in Western Australia.

Whether it is how patient information is gathered and stored, the highly advanced and specialised tools used in procedures, interactions between patients and providers, or how services and funds are allocated, all aspects of the health system will be touched by the digital revolution.

WAPHA will actively work with their stakeholders across the primary health spectrum to ensure that patients and providers across Western Australia are at the forefront of this industry changing frontier. By deploying new technologies alongside good clinical practice, WAPHA believes it is possible to enhance communication, collaboration and knowledge, as well as support community care and self-management programs.

Along with telehealth initiatives, sharing of health information, data extraction and analytics, and new technologies, WAPHA will support primary care clinicians navigate this new digital frontier by providing advice, resources, advocacy and support to providers across Western Australia.

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