COVID-19 and Residential Aged Care

COVID-19 and Aged Care

Older people are more at risk of ?contracting COVID-19 and experiencing serious illness. WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) has a key role in supporting residential aged care homes (RACHs) in WA and the GPs who in-reach to these facilities in their preparedness and response to a COVID-19 outbreak and general management.? 

Other State and Australian Government health authorities have responsibility for supporting the RACH sector in the context of COVID-19 and it is important that WAPHA works with these agencies to identify where there is duplication, gaps and fragmentation while being clear on the boundaries of WAPHA’s scope.

WAPHA also has a significant Primary Health Network (PHN) Aged Care program to deliver and we will ensure alignment of our COVID-19 aged care response with the priorities of the PHN Aged Care program.

WAPHA’s Role in Aged Care

  • Improve access to general practice for RACH residents;
  • Improve the connection between GPs and RACHs, and
  • Assist in vaccination efforts for residents.

WAPHA’s role in COVID-19 vaccination within aged care is focused on facilitating communication between RACHs, vaccination providers, GPs, hospitals and other local health providers, and State and Australian Government health authorities.

Key Focus Areas

Building relationships and networks

  • Strategic meetings with Australian Government Department of Health, WA Department of Health, Health Service Providers, Residential Aged Care Providers, Aged Care Peak bodies, RACGP WA and GPs.
  • WAPHA has an important role in engagement with local aged care stakeholders, providing insight to local and regional COVID-19 planning and response.

Clinical leadership and advice

  • In partnership with the WA Department of Health, Geriatricians and GPs, WAPHA has delivered a RACH Aged Care COVID-19 HealthPathwayCOVID 19 pathway for Residential Aged Care Facilities.
  • WAPHA have delivered targeted webinars to provide important updates and information to GPs, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses who in-reach to RACHs.

COVID-19 Aged Care resources

  • Development and maintenance of advice / tip sheets to help GPs and RACHs plan for COVID-19 management.
  • Development of a communications and engagement strategy to support targeted delivery of information, resources and support to WA GPs working in RACHs.
  • Vaccine roll-out updates, information and supporting resources.

WAPHA’s role involves facilitating communications between:

  • RACHs;
  • The Australian government vaccination providers;
  • GPs and other local healthcare providers; and
  • State and Australian Government health authorities.

In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, residential aged care homes may require the assistance of visiting GPs. 

WA Primary Health Alliance has produced a handy conversation guide with six questions that can be discussed with your GP during their next visit.  

Download the guide

In-reach booster clinics

RACHs are encouraged to reach out to WA Primary Health Alliance for assistance with engaging with GPs and pharmacies to provide in-reach COVID-19 vaccinations for new or existing residents.

Alternative vaccination options

Residents who can travel may be able to attend an alternative clinic.

Vaccines can be booked using the Service Finder.

COVID-19 Support Portal reporting

RACHs should now be reporting resident, worker or visitor COVID-19 cases at their service via the new, online COVID-19 Support Portal accessed through the My Aged Care provider portal.

The Australian Government Department of Health has issued a factsheet and quick reference guide on this process.

Supporting ongoing vaccination of residents

The Australian Department of Health has provided a new resident entrance protocol flowchart to check if new residents have been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

The guide recommends facilities ask new residents if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

If they haven’t, staff can encourage the resident to book an appointment with their GP to discuss COVID-19 vaccine.

Please see below links for further information on COVID-19 vaccines in Aged Care. 

Immunisation updates and useful links
Resources for families and carers
Information for GPs
  • GPs who have questions about the rollout should contact?WAPHA.? 
  • GPs who would like to discuss COVID-19 vaccination opportunities further should contact WAPHA at 
  • Subscribe to updates?here 

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