Who we are

WA Primary Health Alliance works with consumers, health service providers, hospitals and health professionals to better understand the community’s health needs and improve access to healthcare.

Our Board

Our Executive

Councils and Committees

Member Organisations

We place a strong emphasis on partnerships to reduce fragmentation across primary care. We have 10 member organisations with significant operations in WA and demonstrated aligned interests in primary care and the broader healthcare system. These are:

Memorandums of Understanding exist with WA Mental Health Commission, WA Health and Aboriginal Health Council of WA that allow us to work collaboratively on planning and commissioning healthcare services.

We also have strong relationships with the AMA WA, WA General Practice Education and Training (WAGPET), Health Service Providers, Rural Health West, WA Local Government Association, and many others.


Our governance structure ensures that clinician, community and consumer advice inform both the setting of Board strategy and the commissioning of primary care services.

Perth North and Perth South PHNs each have a clinical and a community advisory council that meets four times per year.

Country WA PHN has seven regional clinical committees that meet six times per year, while a country community advisory structure is being developed to capture community views from country areas.

These councils and committees report through to the Strategic Engagement Advisory Committee, a Board sub committee, and the Strategic Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Advisory Group.

The latter provides strategic advice to the Board via the Strategic Engagement Advisory Committee, as well as working with other committees and councils.