What we do

WA Primary Health Alliance operates Western Australia’s three Primary Health Networks (PHNs) which are designed to be commissioners of services in the primary care sector on behalf of the Australian Government. We also take an active role in system reform¬†and general practice support.

The PHN program’s objectives, and therefore ours, are to:


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of primary healthcare services for people, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes.


Improve coordination of care to ensure people receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

To achieve these goals, we are focused on:

  • Improving health equity and access by identifying and reducing barriers to access and applying evidence-based monitoring and evaluation
  • Commissioning services in the areas of greatest need
  • Developing person-centred models of care to address priority health gaps and inequities
  • Working alongside general practice to strengthen and sustain higher quality primary care
  • Commissioning services with a focus on quality and value
  • Building strong and sustainable partnerships to improve coordination throughout the patient journey
  • Strengthening capacity and capability in primary care to ensure the development of a sustainable workforce.
  • Focusing on seven priority areas, as guided by the Australian Government.