The move to PHNs is a once in a generation opportunity to place primary care at the heart of the WA health system and to create the mechanism for integrating services across organisations and across boundaries.

WAPHA and our member organisations have spent the last eight months designing the WAPHA PHNs for Perth North, Perth South and Country WA. We know WAPHA designed PHNs is the best outcome for the communities of WA – we know this because of the many organisations who have chosen to be members of WAPHA have told us so.


Local Solutions; State-wide benefits

Because WAPHA PHNs are part of a single, state-wide organisation, it will enable us to:

  • Implement a single patient data warehouse that covers all of primary care in WA.
  • Establish a state-wide integrated care strategy with other state-wide agencies and co-commission integrated services.
  • Remove geographic boundaries that create inefficiency and hinder the best patient outcomes.
  • Provide consistent and high quality practice support across WA, enabling the dissemination of best practice and creating forums for shared learning and collective improvement.


Improving patient outcomes

The WA health system is fragmented – services are not funded on the basis of the outcomes they achieve and many local providers offer a broad range of services.   WAPHA PHNs will commission services and other solutions for particular health needs and conditions to deliver high-value care at the right time, in the right location, regardless of geographic or organisational boundaries. We will do this by using an Outcomes Based Commissioning model from the outset.

Outcomes Based Commissioning has been proven to deliver better patient outcomes, to reduce the cost of services and to deliver integration of services. Our approach provides for shared governance and active engagement of clinicians and the community throughout.