From 1 July 2018 WAPHA and providers will be using mandatory and optional indicators as a new approach to outcomes based commissioning. The mandatory indicators are a standard set of measures that allows consistency in monitoring progress towards our intended outcomes. These indicators are to be used by all providers across our service streams. In addition, providers can choose from a list of optional indicators to complement the mandatory indicators, to assist in our overall aim in monitoring progress towards our intended outcomes.

The new process will be introduced in a series of workshops which you will be invited to in due course.

In the meantime, to complete the current outcomes mapping process, please use the tools below:

  • Outcomes Framework

This document is a summary of WAPHA’s approach to outcomes and includes a guide to using the Outcomes Map Tool. (this tool comes in both a web and print version)
Download web version
Download print version

  • Outcomes Map Tool

This is the tool that service providers, in collaboration with WAPHA, will use to determine outcomes for services. (the tool includes a worked example)
Outcomes Map Tool [PDF]
Outcomes Map Tool [docx]

  • Outcomes Evaluation

This is the reporting tool for use with the Outcomes Map Tool.
Outcomes Evaluation [PDF]
Outcomes Evaluation [docx]

For any queries on the current mapping process, please contact your WAPHA relationship manager or email