WAPHA is committed to leading integrated and outcomes focussed commissioning. The Outcomes Framework is a key tool to implement and measure positive change across all aspects of the quadruple aim. As WAPHA learns, grows and refines its approach to commissioning for outcomes, WAPHA has committed to developing a small suite of outcome measures that can be applied generically to all commissioned services.  In advance of any implementation, we will test a small set of measures with a group of providers to ascertain ease of use and appropriateness for both the provider and WAPHA.

This next phase in implementation of the outcomes framework will be rolled out in a series of workshops that providers will be invited to attend in due course.  WAPHA remains mindful of not imposing any additional reporting burden and is seeking to streamline, not duplicate, current efforts.  It is our intent to capture information on patient experience and patient outcomes.

In the meantime, to complete the current outcomes mapping process, please use the tools below:

  • Outcomes Framework

This document is a summary of WAPHA’s approach to outcomes and includes a guide to using the Outcomes Map Tool. (this tool comes in both a web and print version)
Download web version
Download print version

  • Outcomes Map Tool

This is the tool that service providers, in collaboration with WAPHA, will use to determine outcomes for services. (the tool includes a worked example)
Outcomes Map Tool [PDF]
Outcomes Map Tool [docx]

  • Outcomes Evaluation

This is the reporting tool for use with the Outcomes Map Tool.
Outcomes Evaluation [PDF]
Outcomes Evaluation [docx]

For any queries on the current mapping process, please contact your WAPHA relationship manager or email info@wapha.org.au.